About Us

InnovaShell Holdings was founded by a team of professional leaders in the international financial and technological markets.

The Company offers ceaselessly support to an environment that fosters creativity and innovativeness, while maintaining a level of quality across the broad. Abundance of scientific fields, yields unique opportunities of initial rounds of investments in technologies relatively close to be ready-to-go global.

InnovaShell Holdings has been working closely with world class universities and technological institutions in Israel, in order to serve the global markets with unique technologies. Clean-tech, agriculture, genetics, food, biotechnology and life sciences space (pharmaceuticals, drug discovery, and therapeutic medical technologies) stand for the cornerstone of our research for new technologies.

Our portfolio of technologies is a "must have" and not just "nice to have" for the markets, with ground breaking features in meeting and solving unmet needs, broadening unexceptionably the way of doing business.

True innovation is what we offer, the global commercialization of it, is our habit….