Management Team

avidudaiAvi Dudai, Co-Founder.

An entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in M&A, fund raising and business consulting for Israeli industrial companies, construction companies and high-tech ventures. He served for 9 years as Ariel Sharon’s personal assistant and consultant at the Agriculture Ministry, Defense Ministry and a Ministry in the Prime Minister’s office. In 1995, Mr. Dudai received the Minister of Industry and Trade “Israeli Management Award” for over 5 years of supreme results in terms of financial growth of the companies he owned and managed, which made a positive contribution to the Israeli economy.  


KonstantinosKonstantinos Klisiaris, Co-Founder.

A visionary product strategist who enjoys the challenge of thinking out of the box, with a vast amount of experience around the globe, in business development, spinning-off start ups and fund raising in the property and technology markets. Former economic adviser to the Minister of Rural Development in Greece. A keynote speaker in universities and resource scarcity forums, he has appeared on TV investment talks.


DavidpicDavid Dohan, Co-Founder.

David has over 30 years of experience in various managerial roles in a variety of companies, ranging from start-ups to multinational organizations, with a wide exposure at a top executive level in the global arena. His background is a unique blend of solid understanding of technology, finance, funding, and business development with a proven track record of success. David is an expert in turning around and growing business through multiple successful exits. 


GilGil Lewitus. Ph.D.,  Chief Scientific Officer.

Ph.D. degree at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, focused on elucidating the mechanisms underlying T-cell brain maintenance in mental disorders such as stress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and schizophrenia.Ph.D. in neuroscience at McGill University in Canada. Awarded First Ronald Peter Griggs Memorial Post-Doctoral Fellowship. Led different striatal dysfunction models in mice, ranging from neurodegenarationmodels such as ALS and Huntington's chorea to drug addiction models and mental disorders.  Led to 11 publications in prestigious scientific journals as well as to 3 IPs. 

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